Samsung Galaxy S II : 如何啟動內置 USB 連線模式接駁電腦傳檔

1.  如已經 USB 連線接駁電腦,請立即拔除

2.  Settings > Wireless and network > USB Utilities

SC20111114-122350 SC20111114-122358


3.  按 [ Connect storage to PC ]



4.  見提示後連接 USB 線



5.  連接 USB 線後,再按 [Connect USB Storage]



6.  當 USB 模式啟動後,以上 Android 機械人由綠變成橙色

Activate StudioKUMA Call Filter functions「小熊來電通知」額外過濾功能

Q: The app appears only to mute my calls by default, how do I access additional filter actions?

A:  You need to customize filter settings

        1. open the app
        2. click [Preferences] > Filter Actions
        3. tick “Use Hidden API”
        4. allow the program to run the test (results of the test will be shown at the end)
        5. now tab on “Normal Filter Action” to choose the appropriate setting


1. 篩選動作 > 掛斷來電
2. 篩選動作 > 接通後掛斷 (注意: Gingerbread/ Android 2.3 不支援這功能)

a) 篩選動作 > 使用非公開API
b) 允許測試api
c) 測試後會顯示有支援功能

(預設只有兩選項:“no actions”;靜音)

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