How to remove Windows Live Contacts from Windows Mobile Contacts

Earlier versions of Windows Live for Windows Mobile offered the option to unmerge Windows Live contacts from Windows Mobile Contacts on-the-go.


Newer versions appear to no longer offer this – the option to unmerge is grayed out, so now when you configure Windows Live for Windows Mobile, your Contacts list is cluttered with both Outlook contacts and Windows Live contacts with no way to remove the latter.  If you attempt to delete a Windows Live entry in Contacts, you will find that it gets deleted from your Windows Live online address book and buddies list as well.

If you wish to clean up your Contacts by removing Windows Live entries, the only way is to reset your Windows Live account.


1. Launch Windows Live on your device, then select Menu > Account options


2. Select "Switch account"


3. Click [ Yes ] to reset/remove current Windows Live account from your device


4. Run Windows Live setup again, enter your Windows Live account and this time do NOT check "Contacts and Messenger"

winlive01 winlive02

(this option has been renamed "Store Windows Live contacts in your mobile phone’s contact list" on newer versions)

* If you want to check or read your Windows Live Hotmail in Messaging, enable/check Email option

Configure Windows Mobile to block mobile data connection (GPRS/3G)


First, there is MoDaCo NoData.


If you are not comfortable with installing anything, there is an alternative – configure your phone not to use your mobile network connection.

Go to Settings > Connections > Connections > [Select Networks] in Advanced and choose My ISP …

wmconn01 wmconn02 wmconn03

You can still connect to the Internet through your Wi-Fi or ActiveSync connection.


If My ISP is not present, you can create your own by clicking [New] and just give it any name you like (in this example I have chosen to label it "local area connection") – it’s basically a plain network connection with no mobile network configuration.



And whenever you want to connect to the Internet using your mobile operator’s network, change the first connection setting back.


note there is a flaw to this method – certain applications (e.g., Skyfire browser, Java runtime on devices: Midlet Manager, JBlend) have their own network setting which bypasses or ignores this connection setting to use the mobile operator’s network directly, so you will have to configure these applications manually to "My ISP", which may or may not be available to user.

jblendopt01 jblendopt02