A collection of Windows Mobile tweaks and downloads for HTC Touch Pro2 (TP2)

(latest additions at the bottom)

A collection of tweaks: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=524655

1% incremental battery driver patch
– changes the battery driver from showing 10% increment to 1% (requires additional software to display)

4 columns TF3D start menu

Reset to Windows Mobile "Snooze" intervals
– when TP2 only offers a 5 minute snooze and you wanted more

How to get HTC Photo Album to ignore a folder
– enter the path of the folder you wish to hide in this registry:


note this will also hide the folder from being browsed when selecting an image for TF3D wallpaper

Vibrate the device when hitting a URL on Opera browser

Change email interface softkey "Reply All" to "Reply"

Restore to default Windows Mobile notifications

Change path of email store

Hide Mail Setup from Settings page

"IsShowEmailSetup" = 0 (default =1)

Wake up device when a SMS message is received

DisableSMSWakeUpEvent = 0 (default = 1)

Diable sent SMS notification message

SMSNoSentMsg = 1 (default = 0)

Enable option in Camera to use Date & Time as filename for photos taken

EnableDCIM = 0

then change choose filename format in camera settings

note new photos taken will be saved to My Documents\My Pictures

Masquerade as a different phone online (Internet Explorer)

HKLM\Security\Internet Explorer\User Agent\
change the value of CustomBase

Increase touch screen and TouchFLO sensitivity

HKLM\Drivers\TouchPanel\PressureThreshold = 100000 (Decimal)

HKLM\Software\OEM\TFLOSettings\FingerPressure = 100 (Decimal)

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