Setup Windows XP Fax Service

This article was first published on on 2004/3/5


  • Additional requirement: analog fax/voice modem (not your broadband modem)
  • Setup time: less than 5 minutes.


1. Windows XP does not install fax services by default, so we need to do that first. Please have your XP setup CD ready.

( You can find Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel )

2. Once fax services have been installed we can begin configuration.

Go to your Printers and Faxes system folder. Again, you can access it from Control Panel.
Right-click the Fax icon and select Properties to access Fax Properties screen.

3. Click Device tab, then Properties button.

4. Set your options on the Send tab. You can also change the TSID.

5. Enable Receive option on the Receive tab and set your options.

6. Enable archive options. If you don’t enable this options, your faxes will not be saved. You can also change the archive folders (as I have done in this example).

7. To send a fax, open your document and print to Fax instead of your normal printer.

8. Send Fax Wizard will open and follow the instructions on screen.


Note: If you want to deliver multiple documents to one or more recipients (email and fax) at once, send from Microsoft Outlook.

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